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X-BOOTH is the booth, specially designed for X-GOLF golf simulator play.  X-BOOTH has all components for installing a booth. It doesn’t require any other wood work, interior work on site. It just need to be assembled and play. Therefore, installation time is massively shorter than other golf simulator booth’s one. As it can be disassembled into modules, it can be movable, and re-used.  This is useful for temporary event, or limited rent area. It has 3 types for different usage. All of them can be installed with any of X-GOLF simulator.  In this file, 3 types of X-BOOTHS, are introduced. 

Compared to normal type wooden booth, X-BOOTH requires short installation. If 4 people install, it takes a day to done it. It stands alone so that it doesn't damage any interior design. Re-usability,and movability is important point for a buyer as sometimes they might need to move the location. But wooden type booth is almost impossible to re-use it. 









X-BOOTH covers any kinds ball safely. Top curtains covers high-launched angle shots, side protectors covers shots coming to edge of the booth.  Rib-style floor wood work reduces the speed of all the ball when it bounces on it.


X-BOOTH has the special floor works. The rib-style floor wood works minimizes the bounce of the ball massively. When the ball is bouncing the floor, the rib-style floor one line wood absorbs the impact energy, and spread to the edge. Therefore, the ball doesn't receive the returned energy much to bounce. This helps golfers focusing on a game only. 


Top curtains cover high-launched angle shots safely. Other normal booth on the market has no safe function for high-launched angle shots. X-BOOTH's skirts absorb the impact power of the ball. This makes ball dropped to the floor with any power. When golfers hit with a P/W, or higher club, balls often come out of booth, or even make some damages. Top curtains dramatically reduced the energy of balls and drop them into floor.  


ALL the edges are perfectly covered. While the normal golf booth has many dangerous spots that ball can escape, X-BOOTH entirely covers the booth inside.  It is completely covered without even a little space for the golf ball to escape. Although the screen is not a conventional Velcro type long screen, due to the special x-booth structure, the ball does not fall under the screen.

The sides of the screen is perfectly covered by the special side protector. As the screen is separately installed on the booth, it always has space between the screen and side floor wall. This special protector safely covers the ball coming to the sides.
All the side front is tightly closed by the unique pole-type guide. It's a tight fit from the outside, and it's perfectly straight tha here isn't a single bulge where the ball can pop out. inside. There is even no little space that ball can pass through. 

X-BOOTH provides the special screen fabric with a steel weight inside. There is no device to fix the lower side of the screen. The steel weight makes the tension with wrinkle-free. When the screen is hit by a ball, the screen goes up to absorb the ball impact energy as there is no fixation on the bottom. After that, it goes back down by the steel weight automatically. Balls never fall down under the screen as it has ball protecting frame right behind the screen fabric. This locks the screen position against the floor work.




X-BOOTH is an assembly-style booth. X-BOOTH NEVER change, or break your place interior for installation. It only requires assembling installation without any additional construction.

All the components are prepared as a module. It can be completely installed all within 2 days, or less. A&B-type booth are tent type, and C-type one is foam fabric type. X-Booth requires to install the frames first. All the frames are tightly installed.  This X-BOOTH's frames are designed to stand sturdy.


C- type booth has special method to assemble a fabric foam to metal frame. Every foam has magnets behind. This connects foams and metal frame steadily. It makes installation easier. 


X-BOOTH has special structure to replace the screen fabric conveniently. The main complaint of golf simulator booth is the uncomfortable screen fabric replacement. As normal booth screen fabric can be only replaced from outside, it requires at least 50cm empty space to both right&left side or back side that people can go through to replace a normal booth's screen fabric. X-BOOTH 's screen fabric can be replaced inside the booth. It just need to push the screen frame to back and replace it easily.  



X-BOOTH has literally all the things. It contains a wide projector, auto-ball feeder, both-handed function, perfect safety, PC. It's simple, we prepare all for you.


You can hang a banner any where you want easily. X-BOOTH has a special hooker, a hooker bracket. A hooker has magnets to be attached on frames. Attaching a hooker bracket on a hooker, It fixes a hooker position. Depending on a banner size, you can relocate the hooker position, and just hang it.



X-BOOTH 360 view is shown below. 


X-BOOTH is made of the fire-proof, and dust-proof materials. Using X-BOOTH many years, it always provide fresh environment. 

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